Forgotten Records is a French music label specialised in classical music. We are driven by our passion for music and interpretation.



Time recaptured | We publish recordings that have received too little attention in recent history. We are willing to revive great classical pieces and reveal their true essence.

Restoration | Elisabeth Schwarzkopf would complain that she did not recognise her voice when played on a CD. We want the listener to forget about the original LP and feel the musicality of the vinyl with no disturbing noises.

Sound | Our remastering is the kind of craftsmanship that has no interest in being time-efficient. Our CDs are made with the best-in-class studio techniques so as to deliver the unique experience of a master recording.


Contemporary artists

Unknown pieces | We record and produce unpublished pieces as well as great classical music that most labels have discontinued. Those unknown pieces are found in albums such as "Echoes of the Battlefieds" (awarded the Music Prize by the Fondation Napoléon) or in CDs dedicated to Jean Cras, Claude Duboscq, Michael Sebaoun, Yvon Bourrel or Jean-Jacques Werner.

Young talents | Our label gives talented musicians the opportunity to make a very first record. We particularly value music pieces that have received limited attention on the music scene.


Writings about music

Emotions in music originate from a particular meaning that is being asserted thoughout the music sheet. Our authors strive to expose the plural meaning that lies behind every musical piece.

In the press

 Forgotten Records keeps on publishing copyright-free recordings at a relentless pace. Music majors have typically dismissed this material as irrelevant to their catalogues.


 [Forgotten Records] is like finding a long-lost friend. [Their] enthousiasm is infectious and our cross-Channel phone conversation soon descends into “Don't you think?” and “I totally agree!”.

Nick Morgan, CRQ

 Forgotten Records is pure bliss for collectors [...] Malinin, Uninsky, Malcuzynski, Wayenberg, Levant, Bruck, Sebastian, Bour, Flipse, Adler... Those names will now be legends for eternity.

Michel Fleury, Classica

 [W]e hear truly classy singing. All the characteristics of her singing on my old LPs are there.

Göran Forsling, MusicWeb

 The French label Forgotten Records continues taking our breath away.

Michel Tibbaut, ResMusica

Alex Taylor et Emilie Munera have introduced Forgotten Records on the French public radio dedicated to classical music.

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